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Booking Conditions

In these Conditions "the Occupier" shall mean the person in whose name the Reservation is made and accepted and shall include so that they too are bound by these Conditions every person on whose behalf the Reservation is made and accepted.  The singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

1.             The Owner shall grant and the Occupier accept the right for the Occupier to occupy the Accommodation specified  in the particulars for the purpose of a bona fide holiday only (and not for general residential purposes) and to use the furniture fixtures and effects therein (hereinafter referred to as "the furnishings") in connection only with such holiday occupation for the occupier and his party only and the said right shall continue only during the period of the holiday as set out on the reservation form and the said right shall be in consideration of the charge thereby reserved

2.             The Occupier shall:-

                                (a)                                 Use the Accommodation strictly for private holiday occupation only and shall not do or suffer to be done in the Accommodation anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner or to the tenants or occupiers of the adjoining or contiguous premises or which may vitiate any insurance of the Accommodation against fire or otherwise or increase the ordinary premium thereon

                                (b)                                 Use the Accommodation in a responsible manner and keep the same together with all the furnishings in a thoroughly clean tidy and undamaged state and condition and so yield them up at the expiration or sooner determination of  the period of the holiday and shall pay the cost of repairing any damage to the Accommodation sustained during the period of the holiday together with the cost of redecorating consequent upon such damage and shall pay the actual cost of replacing by matching all such articles of furnishings as shall have been broken lost damaged or destroyed during the period of the holiday and shall report any such damage to the Owner immediately

                                (c)                                Not remove any of the furnishings from the Accommodation and leave the said furnishings at the expiration or sooner determination of the period of the holiday in the rooms and places in which they were at the commencement of the period of the holiday.

                                (d)                                Not allow or permit any person to sleep in or occupy the Owner's beds in the Accommodation except between sheets and with a pillow case on any pillow and not allow any animal on the beds or other soft furnishings.

                                (e)                                 Not allow anything to be passed down any sink, basin, W.C. or the like which shall be of a harmful nature or which may cause a blockage or damage to any pipes or drains and to pay the Owner the costs of clearing any such blockage or damage.

                                (f)                                 Not assign let charge or part with possession of the Accommodation or any part thereof or of any of the furnishings or allow any person to occupy the Accommodation or any part thereof except a member of the Occupier's party for the purposes of the Occupier's holiday.

                                (g)                                 Permit the Owner or the Owner's agents with or without prospective hirers or purchasers or workmen to enter the Accommodation at any reasonable time of the day to inspect the condition thereof or for the purpose of carrying out any repairs that may require to be done

                                (h)                                 Observe any rules or regulations which may apply to the Accommodation and in particular at the end of the holiday period leave the Accommodation clean and tidy turn the refrigerator off and leave it open and switch off all water heater.

3.             If any person occupying or visiting the Accommodation shall suffer from any infectious or contagious disease during the period of the holiday the Occupier shall give notice thereof in writing to the Owner specifying the nature and date of the illness and shall thoroughly disinfect and purify such part(s) of the Accommodation and the furnishings as such person shall have occupied or have come into contact with to the satisfaction of the Owner and Local Sanitary Authority and shall keep the Owner fully indemnified against all actions claims and expenses incurred by reason of the Accommodation or the furnishings or any part thereof becoming infected or unwholesome as aforesaid

4.             Animals and Birds are not allowed in the Accommodation except with the Owner's express consent

5.             The Owner will not:

                                (a)                                In any circumstances be liable to the Occupier or any member of his or her party or visitors (including persons under the age of 18 years) for any personal injury (whether fatal or not) loss (whether consequential or otherwise) or damage to property including motor vehicles motor cycles and the like howsoever caused or sustained

                                (b)                                 be held liable for any sickness accident injury loss damage delay irregularity inconvenience or additional expense caused by or arising out of the design structure or condition of the Accommodation or its approaches or the contents plumbing and electrical installations belonging thereto or out of any defect therein or out of any partial destruction thereof or out of any cause whatsoever

6.             All occupancies are deemed to commence as from 4.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and to terminate at 10.00 a.m. sharp on the day of departure when the Occupier shall give vacant possession of the Accommodation having by that hour removed all his or her personal belongings and any  other property belonging to him or her.

7.             The party shall be as stated in the reservation form or as otherwise agreed and unless permission for alteration has been given by the Owner in writing the Accommodation shall be used only by that party.

8.             In the event of a cancellation the deposit paid will be forfeited in its entirety and the Occupier will be held liable for the full amount due.  However, whilst the Owner is not under any obligation to do so he will endeavour to re-let the Accommodation (providing he is given at least 28 days notice) and if successful the Occupier will be relieved of his or her liability to pay the balance due.

9.             At the end of the holiday the Occupier will ensure that all rubbish including surplus food and drink is placed outside for collection if it is dustbin day or in the dustbin in the cellar on any other day.  The Occupier will also place any rubbish which has accumulated in the dustbin outside for collection on dustbin day together with blue or white bags of recycling on appropriate dates.

10.           The Owner reserves the right at his absolute discretion to refuse or cancel any reservation or any arrangements made or any part thereof without being under obligation to assign any reason therefor.  In such event no liability in respect of refusal or cancellation shall fall upon the Owner save that there shall be refunded to the Occupier any monies already paid by him or her in respect of such reservation or where the arrangements have already commenced such amount as the Owner shall in his absolute discretion think reasonable to attribute to the uncompleted portion.

11.           No liability on the part of the Owner however arising shall exceed the amount paid for the Accommodation and shall in no case include any consequential loss or damage whatsoever

12.           If the charge specified in the reservation form or as otherwise agreed shall not have been paid in the manner and at the time specified (whether legally demanded or not) or if the Occupiers shall have become bankrupt or have executed any deed or arrangement for the benefit of the creditors of the Occupier then the Owner or the Owner's agent may re-enter the Accommodation and immediately thereupon the Occupier's right to occupy the Accommodation shall absolutely determine but without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the Owner

13.                 The Occupier will when paying the balance of the hiring fee pay a breakage deposit of £30 which sum or a due proportion thereof shall in the absence of breakage or damage to the Accommodation or the furnishings be refunded by the Owner to the Occupier within 21 days of the termination of the period of the holiday

Note:  These Conditions have not been drawn up solely for the benefit of the Owner.  Many of them are also designed to protect genuine holidaymakers from those irresponsible few who have no consideration for others.  Such persons can, unless proper Conditions are made, leave accommodation in an unfit or unhygienic condition or create a nuisance to the occupiers of adjoining holiday accommodation and may create a nuisance for subsequent Occupiers

  • We strongly recommend that you have appropriate holiday cancellation insurance.  The following links may provide you with the appropriate insurance cover in the event that you have to cancel your holiday.  However, this statement does not constitute a recommendation or advice that you should purchase that particular policy.  We are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore, we are not permitted to make any recommendations or provide you with advice about any particular insurance product. 
  • Click here for Holiday Cancellation Insurance

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